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Smoking cessation intervention videos

Quit Victoria has developed a series of brief intervention videos for health professionals. These videos provide examples of some of the more common smoking cessation situations and how best to handle them. Video running time is generally between 1 and 3 minutes.


Luke Atkin, Manager of Cessation, Partnerships & Priority Settings at Quit Victoria, introduces the series of smoking cessation brief intervention videos.

Routine clinical practice

This series of videos has been developed to help you provide evidence-based brief advice to clients who smoke as part of your routine clinical practice. In these videos a patient presents to a GP with a cold. In the initial visit the GP asks the patient about his smoking and discusses strategies to quit smoking. The follow up visits show discussions between the patient and GP about quitting strategies and strategies to stay quit.


In this series of videos, you'll learn how to best approach and support pregnant patients throughout all the stages of change.

Young people

Often, young people may not consider tobacco use as an immediate concern, but the long-term effects of tobacco use may become their most significant problem in the future. Tobacco is a drug and its use is an important health issue for young people. In this series of videos, you'll see some examples of how to talk to young people about quitting smoking.