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Approx 3 months after quitting


Approx 3 months after quitting

So it has been about 3 months since I've quit smoking. I don't remember the exact date, just that it was sometime around the beginning of June. I remember at the time, I had real strong urge to quit smoking, probably a lot like the reader. I won't explain the reasons, everyone has their own. I scoured the internet, reading all the stories I could about people who have quit too. I was looking for some affirmation that this was going to be the right choice. Would my life be that much better? Was it really worth it to give up the sweet comfort of a smoke? Yes, 100% Yes. I can finally breathe. I didn't even realize how hard it really was before. I can finally wake up without having to reach for a tissue to blow my nose. I can finally walk out without worrying about how I smell. I don't have to worry about bothering other people because I want to light a dart. I don't have to worry that I'm slowly killing my lungs and myself. But the process is pretty shitty. You might get a sore throat, you might get cold sores. You might get a cough. You might get headaches, you might suffer insomnia. You might get it all or none at all. For me it was all those things at different points for the first month and a half. One thing is for sure, you are definitely gonna go thru mountains of tissues. But the hardest part is that you have to overcome yourself. The urges were the worst for the first month. I felt like everything was a trigger. All the shit my body was going thru, it'd be so easy to band-aid if I just started smoking again. Its embarrassing to admit, but during the end of the first week, I would sometimes try and light old butts just for a puff. The disgust/shame I felt after helped motivate me even more. The thing that helped me the most was that I was able to identify all the things that made me want to smoke and work around it. For me it was seeing someone else smoke, anything that made me stressed or anxious, drinking too much, certain friends, hell even standing on the balcony. The best way to fight the urge, and they don't last very long, was to distract yourself. I ended up cooking and eating more. Your appetite noticeably improves. It was really hard the first 2 months, but now that it's the third month, I honestly forgot I used to smoke everyday. It's so normal now to not smoke I don't have to even think about it. So I want to let the people out who are trying to quit, and going thru that shit, to know that it gets better and easier. Before you know it, not smoking will feel like the most natural thing. And the best part is... the feeling you get that when you put your mind to do something and accomplish it 

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