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Health scare


Health scare

I am 55 yrs old was smoking since I was 16 years old, only about 3 and a half packets of 40s a week. Then the doctor told me to stop immediately and had to.

So I did last October 2016 due to a cancer scare. I haven't had one since, the health scare turned out to be an infection only, I have not gained any weight due to being into fitness and find it so much easier to breathe. I did use nicobate and still do once in a while but once the patch is on my skin I forget smoking altogether and it doesn't cross my mind. So it is a habit more than an addiction. I do live with a smoker but they smoke away from me. All I do now is feel sorry for smoker's health and money wise. To think 3 and a half packets a week is $105.00. It pays all the bills! Plus my skin smells clean!

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