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Feeling like a criminal


Feeling like a criminal

Day 27 for me cold turkey. No patches, no tablets just cold turkey and the 'My Quit Buddy' app - which has been amazing.

One of the reasons I decided to quit, was every time I would stand at the counter waiting patiently for a lady to serve me I would get evil eyes from shoppers wanting the express lane I felt like I had just committed a crime and then I would make sure I would order 2 packets so I could limit my trips. I handed over $54 each time. I asked myself "Really, what is going to happen to me if I don't have a smoke?" I don't even know why I smoke. I made excuses like "Well I don't drink much and I need some sort of vice. Or it helps me deal with stress. Oh the other one I will get skinny by smoking." All of these just seemed to make do.

The next reason "Where can you smoke?" I was walking in the city with my husband around Christmas time and had to stop for a smoke while shoppers were out. I got the feeling everyone was staring and having that "Oh can you not smoke here, it bloody stinks" attitude.

I can happily say I now smell that and it bloody stinks. It has to be your time to quit and I was ready. I have saved over $500 and hubby and I are off to Bali with our savings. I hope I can stay quit and I know I can do this. Staying strong is the key and keeping busy!!

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