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Quitting tobacco using PV


Quitting tobacco using PV

I am a 39yo  male and have been smoking for about 22 years (almost a pack of 25s a day). During this 22 years I have tried to quit countless times but eventually I would go down to a convenience store and buy a pack. My wife (38) was also a smoker and suffered depression for some 20 years. We have spent like $600 each week on cigarette alone. As of June this year, I've discovered the use of e-cig (also known as PV) from a workmate who has smoked for some 30 years but was able to switch to PV in couple of days. After knowing his success story, I had decided to give it a go. My wife and I started off cig alike with 6mg of nicotine cartridges but it wasn't effective. I still had a craving for a smoke. This craving however had disappeared for both of us after we have moved on to eGO type of PV. In less than 2 days, both of us had been successfully switched to eGO and haven't touched a cigarette since.

We have now moved on to more advanced model of PV to compensate for the less powerful eGO batteries. Many of our workmates and friends have also picked up PV after knowing our stories in the past 5 months. Personally, I am so glad that we have switched to vaping. Our sleeping qualities have significantly improved. No more morning cough and bad breath. No more tar stuck in the nose and short breath climbing stairs. As for me, I don't know if there will be a long-term harm in vaping but I can't live that long to prove it to politicians and regulators. All I know is I benefit from vaping in the short term. At least during the time before my passing. I urge the law makers/politicians that it is not in your generation to prove the long term effect of vaping. Time will tell and you will not be responsible for if vaping if it turns out to be having a negative health effect after 50 years of studies. We won't know that, at least not in this generation. There are many similar stories you can find in http://forums.aussievapers.com/e-cigarette-vaporization-political-media-discussion/17365-quit-tales-collective.html


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