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25 Jun, 2017

Knowledge- one way to stop smoking

Yes nicotine is addictive, yes we liked "high" it gave us, yes we knew cigarettes are poisonous,...

24 Jun, 2017

2 Days and counting

I have been smoking since I was a preteen.

I'm 28 now so about 16 years. I have quit a...

19 Jun, 2017

Never too late

I've been really concerned for a year or two now with 2 young kids that need me working. So 10...

13 Jun, 2017

10 days

I have been smoking since the age 17 full on until age 25 (10 days smoke free, the longest ive...

12 Jun, 2017

I quit but it took time

I tried many times to quit smoking just using the cold turkey method but always failed.


8 Jun, 2017

My first day

Hi, my name is Sue. I stopped smoking today using the nicotine patches.

I am a casual...

6 Jun, 2017

Ramadan month

Im 34 and I have been smoking since I was maybe 15 years old. I've tried many times to quit...

5 Jun, 2017

35 years smoking

Hi all I smoked for 35 years I have now stopped for 50 days.

Wow you have to get used to...

31 May, 2017

My story

I am 63 years old and been smoking for 45 years. I have many health issues including anuerysms...

30 May, 2017

Great Family Decision

Hi all I have a daughter who is three years old. I would hold smokes away from her and delay her...

29 May, 2017

Hypnotherapy a 'dud', Champix is gooood

I also tried hypnotherapy to quit smoking and all it did was make me an emotional mess and smoke...

26 May, 2017

Finally I succeeded

I started smoking when I was 14 and I used to smoke a pack a day. It had been almost 11 years...

25 May, 2017

Wake up call

I quit 2 years ago today on May 25 2015. My wake up call was when I found out my neighbor had...

24 May, 2017

Smokes crept up on me

I am 20 years old and had been smoking since I was 18.

Two years may not seem like a long...

20 May, 2017

Quit smoking

I just want to write about how proud of myself I am.

I have taken a big step in my life...

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