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6 Jul, 2010


Hi I gave up smoking for 6 an a half years, then I started again,now because of health reasons I...

25 Sep, 2009

Keep Trying

I started smoking when I was 13 and am now 40. Thats 27 years of puffing. I am on day 13 of my...

16 Feb, 2006

The Power of Addiction

I was a smoker for 41 years and never thought I would ever be able to give up, I made a promise to...

24 Apr, 2006

How I quit smoking

I used Nicotene gum to get rid of the initial physical habits, then weened myself off of the gum...

14 Mar, 2009

5th day

Hi my name is sharon I started smoking at the age of 12 i am now 44 i am a heavy smoker smoking...

1 Mar, 2009

One day at a time

Like many people I knew smoking wasn't doing me any good, but I just couldn't fight it for a long...

25 Nov, 2009

my day

Today was not very good even though I didn't have a smoke. I seemed to be quit picky at my work...

23 Nov, 2009

day 3

Today is not only my third day not smoking, but it was my first day back to work after my holidays....

22 Nov, 2009

Reading everyones different storys

I must thank every one for writing your storys so truthfully. I Have been reading the storys which...

5 Feb, 2009

It really does get easier!

Hi, I smoked from age 15 to 35. i quit smoking on Jan 1, 2009 and have not had even a puff since...

15 Feb, 2009

The double-fold path to Enlightenment

I had been a smoker for around 6 years. At my worst I was smoking a pack of 25 a day... I often...

14 Mar, 2006

Birhtday Present

I was 40 this past September, and had been smoking for nearly 27 years. Amazingly, I had smoked...

18 Sep, 2009


I am 24 years of age and have been smoking since I was 14yrs old (10yrs). I am on day 5 of being a...

11 Mar, 2006

that fidgety feeling

I used to smoke walking down city streets on the way to work. Now i get that fidgety feeling like...

18 Apr, 2010

one day at a time

I wnt to a hypnotherapist who told me the usual tale of seven sins of smoking, he then had me lay...

15 Feb, 2006

Quitting is the easiest thing i ever did

I was guilted into quitting. We had children. Smoking around them made me feel guilty, then my...

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