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17 Oct, 2007

Inspirational Stories

I am in my third week of quitting, I have tried before, but this is the easiest time. I was smoking...

29 Nov, 2009

My First night out since I gave up smoking

Today is day eight not smoking, which I am so excited about, but last night when I went out with a...

10 Apr, 2009

Too much2live for

I started smoking at 13.In 1989 smoking was ok.No one spoke of health issues.During pregnancy had...

9 Apr, 2009

Long Overdue

I started smoking when i was 12 years old. I didn't start off heavy, but once I hit about 17, I...

24 Nov, 2009

My thoughts

This is my forth day not smoking and don't I feel so proud of my self. Today I am writing early as...

28 May, 2007

Trying Again

Just read a number of inspirational stories on this website which has made me more determined than...

24 Aug, 2010

If I Can Do It, You Can Too!!!

I'm 48, and smoke a pack a day, and really LOVE smoking. I've been smoking since I was a teenager. ...

11 Aug, 2011

Mick changed my mind

I saw the story of Mick and it just changed some thing in me. I realised how harmful and...

6 Feb, 2010

New Life

Amazing after quitting cold turkey after 18 years I feel like I am 18 again. It is like a miracle,...

16 Dec, 2015

Find your inspiration

I started smoking around the age of 12 I am now 20. I always told myself that I'm not addicted...

18 Jul, 2009

3 years on

Hey everyone i posted my progress on here 3 years ago im happy to say its been over 3 years now...

3 May, 2016
K Raghavendeacl

My inspiration to quit smoking

I am 71 and I got into the habit of smoking when I was around 18. Like most of the youngsters I...

28 Oct, 2009

Got through tough time...

Thank you to the Quit line...I was experiencing really tough time for the last 4-5 hours this...

22 Nov, 2009

Reading everyones different storys

I must thank every one for writing your storys so truthfully. I Have been reading the storys which...

3 Aug, 2011

At 53 I am smoke free!!!

I am in week 11 of my smoke free life. For 38 years I was a smoker. It has been tough and very...

21 Jan, 2014

Wish me luck

I have...

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