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13 Feb, 2010

Free wrinkle eraser and health tonic

I'm 37, and have smoked about 10 cigs a day since I was 15. I've always been fit and healthy, swam,...

10 Apr, 2006

Reality Check!

Two years ago I went to visit my doc for a bit of a health check, I had always had breathing...

18 Aug, 2009

Overcoming the habit

It has only been 15 days and 5 hours, but I can certainly see this lasting forever. I started...

2 May, 2010

I Did It !

After 30 years of smoking cigarettes and I feel liberated to be 'free' of the habit. I realised at...

13 Jan, 2007

Health fears

I work in a hospital caring for patients and see many people suffering from smoking related...

21 Jan, 2010

Smoker vs Non Smoker

My name is Jo and I am nearly 43 years old and have been smoking since I was 16. I have tried so...

9 Jan, 2009

The guilt of sickness

I'm 26 and have three children. I started smoking when I was 14. Three years ago I got a cough...

7 Feb, 2010

Warning Signs

I am 38 years old and today have entered my fourth smoke free week in over 20 years. Lots of...

16 Feb, 2006

Hard work but fabulous result!

I didn't start smoking until my twenties. Still remember that first inhale. It was disgusting...

24 Jun, 2010

Bye Ciggie

i had been a smoker for nearly 5 years 20-25. i couldn't stop, and i was addicted to ciggie. day by...

6 Feb, 2010

New Life

Amazing after quitting cold turkey after 18 years I feel like I am 18 again. It is like a miracle,...

24 Jan, 2009

coad at 28

I was diagnosed with chronic obstructive airways disease in august last year.I gave up smoking 12...

16 Aug, 2010

I feel great

6 days in, i have just been reading everyone elses stories and i felt like i would be a great idea...

21 Jan, 2009

Im taking notes and Im going to do it

I just had my last ciggy, and I got on the net and read some stories and also the tobacco ads it...

8 Apr, 2008

To the Schoolies

I remember in Health class at school in about year 9 we did a questionnaire about our opinions on ...

26 Nov, 2009

smoke free and loving it

After smoking for over 40 years, I am into my 14th week without a cigarette and feel fabulous. At...

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