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21 May, 2006

fear of failure

I am currently in my second month of quitting, I still find it difficult, some days I feel really...

24 Aug, 2009

try and keep trying

I have to quit because i will become that person on the ad that has the thing in there throat. It...

22 Nov, 2009

Second day

Well here I am on my second day, I think it is going to be different then yesterday as this is the...

15 Jul, 2010


my third day the cravings r shocking they hurt i cry i lough i scream i just want to be normal and...

16 Mar, 2009

CAN"T BELIEVE that i can quit smoking tooooooo

i started smoking when i was 23 years old , now i m 25. i quit smoking 5 days before and it was...

11 Jan, 2010


i have not stopped. stopping tomorrow. it has been such a part of me so long that i am freaking...

24 Jun, 2006

In the proccess

I just past the 50hr mark, its getting really difficult but I need to keep going. I met a girl a...

19 Apr, 2009

My Quitting Experience

I've quit many times over the years. I first tried smoking at my 15th birthday party and developed...

10 Apr, 2006

Reality Check!

Two years ago I went to visit my doc for a bit of a health check, I had always had breathing...

23 Feb, 2008

Keep on keeping on

I am a week further in - a month now. It is still not easy - today was particularly difficult with...

21 Apr, 2009

16 months later

I still want a cigarette badly many times in a day - I suppose after 37 years this is...

7 Jan, 2015

Difficult to Quit

Well I am a smoker,I have been smoking for 4 years. Five days before it was 1st of January 2015...

21 Jun, 2010

Thank you

I am into my second day of non smoking using champix after 20 years of smoking and the last 2 days...

29 Nov, 2009

My First night out since I gave up smoking

Today is day eight not smoking, which I am so excited about, but last night when I went out with a...

20 Jul, 2008

Day Number 5

My partner and i are on our fifth day as non smokers. We have been using nicotine patches which...

9 May, 2006

For the last 5 years

Hi, For the last 5 years I have smoked for 6 months, given up for 6 months. I have been smoking...

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