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25 Feb, 2010

Lasting Cravings

Having been a smoker for 29 years left me with a low self esteem and thoughts that I could never...

9 Feb, 2007

Still getting cravings - WHY ?

I gave up approx 4 months ago and in the last 2 or 3 weeks I have had major bouts of depression,...

5 Jul, 2007


I am 43 and smoked since I was 18. A pack of fourties every 2nd day. 5 with coffee in morning,...

10 Mar, 2006

I used hypnotherapy

When I decided to quit smoking with my girlfriend, we went to a hypnotherapist. In the first...

5 Jan, 2010

5 days cold turkey

I am not my 5th day and tomorrow number 6 and YAY I feel like I am over the worse part of the...

27 Apr, 2007

Day 10

The cravings aren't so bad now and come less often i have heaps more energy i can smell better...

9 Jun, 2010

Quit smoking 9 months ago

I have not had a smoke for nearly 9 months now which makes me feel terrific. One day I just decided...

22 Jun, 2010

last puff.

WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY 14th May 2010, Friday was the day where I tried my best to...

21 Apr, 2009

16 months later

I still want a cigarette badly many times in a day - I suppose after 37 years this is...

21 Jun, 2010

Thank you

I am into my second day of non smoking using champix after 20 years of smoking and the last 2 days...

20 Feb, 2006

Its so easy to relapse

I gave up smoking for 2 years. it was tough but i was determined to stop smoking in the interest of...

22 Jul, 2010

loss of something?

I am into day 4 of quiting and this is my 3rd time giving up. I had smoked for 24 years at 20-30 a...

25 Sep, 2009

Keep Trying

I started smoking when I was 13 and am now 40. Thats 27 years of puffing. I am on day 13 of my...

22 Aug, 2006

4 days and im gonna do it part 4

Hey guys just reporting in 10 weeks smoke free tomorrow YAY! The cravings are still about no where...

5 Sep, 2006

hard times when the cravings get tough

i started smoking when i was in grade 6, very stupid of me. I relised the dangers of smoked, but it...

28 May, 2008

1sy Day im

Well its my first day in, i have my step 2 patch on to help with the cravings which is doing really...

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