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13 Jun, 2010

Using quit.org.au to help you QUIT

After not smoking for nearly 4 years I picked it up again whilst on holiday and was soon getting...

4 Jun, 2009

This is it! I have had it...

I am Sam, i have been a smoker for fifteen years, i just worked that out and that i have spent over...

25 Aug, 2008


Cigarettes cost you money, They cost you good health too, And all the butts that you stamp...

18 Jul, 2009

3 years on

Hey everyone i posted my progress on here 3 years ago im happy to say its been over 3 years now...

2 May, 2010

I Did It !

After 30 years of smoking cigarettes and I feel liberated to be 'free' of the habit. I realised at...

8 Feb, 2008

Mind Power

My husband & I quit smoking 10yrs ago we sat down a work out how much it was costing us a week. I...

6 Jul, 2010

Health and finances now in good shape

I started smoking when I was 9 I'm now 62 so had been soaking them up for a hell of a long time.I...

2 Jul, 2009

Try This....

Hi All. I was a smoker for 23 Years and realised that i had to quit when I was starting to have...

16 Mar, 2010

Do you know how much more taxes you pay by smoking?

My fellow Victorians, I am in my late 20s and I smoked for around 10 years. Like many of you, I...

23 Jun, 2010

Cold turkey.

Hi my name is Garry I have smoked for 40 years since i was 13.I have tried many times to quit but...

11 Jan, 2016

Quitting after 35 years

Smoked 20 or more cigarettes a day. Hated the cost, smell and always having to try and find a...

27 Jun, 2014

My Journey to Smoke Freedom

My story commenced when I was about 19. My boyfriend smoked & I always felt pressured to...

18 Sep, 2015

1 hour

Many times before I've said I'm done smoking. It costs too much, I'm going broke from my own...

21 Aug, 2014

Best decision

I was an addict from 16 to 46 and I was sick and tired of the addiction, plus cost.I gave up...

14 May, 2007

If smokes are so toxic / Why don't the government take them off the market

If they weren't making so much money on them they would. Other things that have been found bad...

15 Sep, 2013


I decided to try and give up when I heard that smokes were going up again - was costing me...

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