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6 Feb, 2006

I quit smoking for my son

When my son was 4 years old, the doctor told me his bronchitis was a direct result of my smoking....

11 Mar, 2016

Earlier is easier

I quit three days ago, having been a smoker three years - I am 23 now. I had bronchitis and...

11 Mar, 2016


I have been smoking for 40 years. I'm 56 years old now and was diagnosed in 2004. Did I quit?...

27 Jul, 2007

finally I woke up

I started stealing cigarettes from my dad when I was 13, then he was tired of missing them so he...

7 Apr, 2015

Finally this time....

I was a smoker for 56 years and loved every one of them. I buried my head in the sand or changed...

10 Sep, 2014

There is life after quitting

Started smoking at 12, was soon addicted and continued for 50 years with many attempts to...

23 Jun, 2015


This is my story... As a child my memories of cigarettes revolved around my father smoking in...

26 Aug, 2015

Let's Get Real Here

In four days time I will have been smokefree for thirteen months. I'm not going to give you...

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