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23 Aug, 2017

One day at a time

I began smoking in my early teens and addicted pretty quickly. I smoked for 38 years and was a...

16 Aug, 2017

Sport and living healthy is better

I was around a lot of family and friends that smoked and drank and took drugs. My life wasn't so...

13 Aug, 2017

Quiting is actually easy

I'm just 20 years old and have been smoking for only 2 years. I want to say to all people who...

12 Aug, 2017

2nd day smoke free

I smoked for 30 plus years. Started Champix over a month ago. On 2nd month for maintenance. I'm...

10 Aug, 2017

Missing her

Hi I am a 12 year old school girl and I have started year 7 this year in 2017. The hardest thing...

9 Aug, 2017

For Me, For Them

Almost a year ago I started smoking again after 3 years of quitting, it was the worst decision I...

6 Aug, 2017

Hour 51

I thought I would die yesterday. A headache for 5 hours and stomach cramps for 12, I survived...

5 Aug, 2017

3 days

I was thinking about stopping for past year and went into the chemist last week to sign up for...

3 Aug, 2017

Approx 3 months after quitting

So it has been about 3 months since I've quit smoking. I don't remember the exact date, just...

10 Jul, 2017

Health scare

I am 55 yrs old was smoking since I was 16 years old, only about 3 and a half packets of 40s a...

9 Jul, 2017

Long time smoking

i started smoking when i was 16, 1991 the year was, i smoked hard up to 5 packs of 25 a day for...

9 Jul, 2017

Just do it!

Hi, Just been reading many of the stories here, wish all of you the best. I have medical...

6 Jul, 2017

Quitting smoking was the best thing I've ever done

I started smoking around the age of 15 due to stress and anxiety. It was never about "looking...

27 Jun, 2017

Three years smokefree

I gave up smoking in June 2014 after smoking for 48 years. I now feel so healthy and fit. I have...

26 Jun, 2017


I've been a smoker since I was about 17 years old. I am now 48 and have been a "real" non-smoker...

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