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Does sitting in traffic trigger you to light up?

  • Remove everything in your car that reminds you of smoking, such as ash trays and lighters.
  • Freshen the car up with an air freshener.
  • Have mints or gum or a water bottle handy to break the habit of smoking while driving.

How do you defeat your cravings when stuck in traffic?

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Helpful tips from others

Chewing gum, sugarless gum. I was driving today, my car played up and I searched for my smokes, I was even to tempted to pull over to buy a pack but "I don't want to smoke" and that's it..

Adam , Melbourne, via Facebook PostStar

When I was a smoker, the rules always were no smoking inside the house or the car. It makes it so much easier. The other good thing, is you don't have the smell of cigarettes around to remind you.Mints do help one to drive further.

Robyn , via Facebook PostStar

Lollipops in the car and brushing teeth regularly helps cos no one wants a smoke after they clean their teeth.

Jacqui , via Facebook PostStar

I keep a stash of lollies in the car for those desperate times!

Mary-anne , TemplestoweStar

Just make sure you don’t have any cigarettes or lighters in the car with you.

Ann , BalwynStar


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