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Learning to relieve your stress without lighting up a smoke can seem overwhelming to new quitters. Letting go of your stress in other ways is the best way to break the habit.

You may have to try a few things before you find something that helps you relieve stress.

  • Go for a quick walk.
  • Call a friend.
  • Play a game on your phone.

These activities can help until the cravings pass.

Try deep breathing for relaxation. You can learn more about stress and smoking here .

How do you relieve your stress?

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Helpful tips from others

When I have time to myself or at work, instead of lighting up, I like to draw. I'm not a very good artist, but drawing is a very strong and effective method for me.

Phil Lantz , chicagoStar

Get into crafts or self talk, write a pros and con list

Bridget , MelbourneStar

Diversion is one of the best tools in the arsenal of getting through it. A couple of mints and a drink of water helps send it packing.

Robyn , Melbourne, via Facebook PostStar

I usually call my husband or a friend for a quick calm-down chat.

Claire , MeltonStar

I play with something in my hands – a stressball, coins, a pen, anything really.

Jade , Port MelbourneStar


Real life stories

My story

I smoked for well over 40 years and tried to give it up about 100 times for about 2 or 3 days and suffering withdrawal symptoms. I just thought, "Just this one, then l'll get serious," but of...

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