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Out on the weekend for a drink, you’re probably thinking about having a smoke too. Drinking is a common trigger for many smokers. Though the cravings may be strong when you are first quit, they do get easier!

Make small changes to break your routine.

  • Try ordering a different drink, and holding it in your smoking hand.
  • Substitute every second drink with water.
  • Bring along something to keep your hands busy e.g. gum, phone, pen, stress ball, a straw...

How have you beaten the cigarettes when you’ve been out for a drink?

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Helpful tips from others

Deposit the money that you were going to use to purchase smokes into a separate savings account. I quit 3 months ago, and now have a savings account balance of $700. Just looking at the balance is an incentive to stay off the smokes.

Rick , MelbourneStar

I try and hang out more with my mates who don’t smoke.

Karl , CraigieburnStar

When I first quit I just avoided going out and drinking because it was too tempting to smoke. It’s a bit easier now but I’ve definitely got a way to go.

Mark , ReservoirStar