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You know the drill, it’s almost time for that mid-morning coffee-and-smoke break. Perhaps you are going with a smoking buddy too?

Before you head straight for the caffeine:

  • Play a game on your phone.
  • Grab a healthy snack or sip some water.

Mix up your routine to help your body break the habit.

Try a few different strategies to find what works for you.

What help you beat your coffee triggers?

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Helpful tips from others

Switching to green tea for couple of weeks helped as it was more soothing and relaxing for my mind.

Cameron , CarltonStar

tip to cut coffee was to see weight gain so have now swapped to green tea with lemon absolutely love this much more delicious and tastes amazing

pamela , endeavour hillsStar

I went on fruit juice, because even the thought of lighting up while sipping orange juice. Yuk.

Robyn , Ballarat, via Facebook PostStar

I had to stop drinking it.

Louise , Melbourne, via Facebook PostStar

I make sure there isn’t a cigarette in sight when I have a coffee then I busy myself with a task as soon as I’ve finished.

Melissa , KingsburyStar

I have a glass of water with my coffee and have a sip when I would normally have a drag.

Ed , NorthcoteStar


Real life stories


I had been a smoker for 12 years and I'm now a non-smoker!

I haven't had a smoke for 2 weeks. While that doesn't sound long, it feels especially long when you're a nicotine...

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