Youth & smoking

How many young people smoke?

Rates of smoking amongst young people have never been lower. The most recent data (2014) finds that 5.1 per cent of 12 to 17 year olds in Australia are current smokers (have smoked in the past seven days).

You can find out more in the most recent Australian Secondary School Students’ Use of Tobacco in 2014 report , which incorporates results from the Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug survey.

Compliance testing

‘Compliance testing’ or ‘compliance monitoring’ occurs in most Australian states and territories. This sees volunteer children attempt to buy cigarettes to help monitor whether retailers are complying with legislation that restricts the sale of tobacco to over 18s.

Why doesn’t Quit produce commercials that target young people?

Research indicates that campaigns targeting the whole population are just as effective in communicating with young people, as well as adults. For this reason Quit’s media and advertising campaigns target adults in particular, as such campaigns have been shown to be equally effective on young people.

You can find out more about the effectiveness of media and advertising campaigns on young people on the Tobacco in Australia: Facts & Issues website.