Sporting groups

Sports clubs and sporting organisations play a pivotal role in displaying positive healthy lifestyle images, creating a family friendly environment and encouraging participation, particularly among junior members.

Tobacco and sport don’t mix and going smokefree is one of the healthiest messages a sporting club can share with their community.

Online Support

Designed for Victorian sports clubs, the Smokefree Sports website provides new resources for your club to effectively implement a smokefree policy.

The Smokefree Sports resources are free of charge and have been developed to provide sports clubs with easier to read, shorter and more concise guidelines when implementing smokefree changes. There are a number of good reasons for sport clubs to go smokefree. The goals of sport are fitness, fun, teamwork, community connectedness and participation, discipline and excellence.

Smoking and its health effects are contrary to these goals. Most parents don't want their children exposed to smoking, especially at places where their children go to play or watch sport, where they can be influenced by role models.

Outdoor smokefree areas make smoking less visible and less socially acceptable and provide a healthy family friendly environment.

For more information visit Smokefree Sports.