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Quit Victoria is committed to strengthening the evidence base around tobacco use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. A current Quit Victoria research project working towards this goal is the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Amended Australian School Student’s Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) Survey Pilot Project. This pilot project is being conducted by Quit Victoria in partnership with the Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer (CBRC), the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC), and the Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Tobacco Control (CEITC) with the additional support of the Victorian and Queensland Departments of Health.  The primary aim of this study is to explore a feasible and sustainable  methodology that may enhance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student participation in an amended ASSAD Survey.

There is also rigorous evaluation of Quit Victoria’s Aboriginal programs. Most recently, evaluation of the Aboriginal Quitline Enhancement project has commenced. This will measure outcomes produced by this valuable national initiative, with a view to improving and continuing programs.


Tobacco in Australia Facts & Issues: A comprehensive online resource

Chapter 8: Tobacco use among Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders

Some of the information in this chapter also appears elsewhere in this book, but because of specific interest in matters relating to tobacco use among Australia's Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders, subject material has been collected in one place for quick reference. Readers seeking broader discussion should also refer to other chapters.

A note on terminology: It is recognised that the preferred term for Australia's Indigenous peoples is Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders and, where practical, this title has been used throughout this chapter. The term Indigenous is also used throughout, generally with the intention of reducing repetitiveness or aiding concision for the reader. Where it appears, it refers to both population groups.

Aboriginal Tobacco Control Websites

The Australian Indigenous Health Info Net has references, details and links to information about tobacco use among Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders.

The Centre for Excellence in Indigenous Tobacco Control (CEITC) website is a knowledge hub which works to:

  • develop the evidence base for Indigenous tobacco control by systematically synthesising current knowledge and best practice
  • identify critical gaps and promote research and evaluation activity to address these gaps
  • promote the development of evidence based policy and practice
  • develop infrastructure and programs which support effective knowledge exchange
  • develop the capacity of the Indigenous tobacco control workforce with a particular focus on Aboriginal health workers.