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You will find the tools as you're moving through the website. You can personalise many of the tools and save this information. The saved information will appear in your My Quitting Plan tool, and you can print or email you plan.

Reasons to quit

If you're contemplating your reasons to quit, use the My Reasons tool to build a meaningful, personal list of reasons. Use the interactive Smoking and the Body tool to explore the effects of smoking on all parts of the body, and the Cost Calculator to see how much smoking is costing you. 

Preparing to quit

If you're preparing the quit, mark your quit date with the Set a Quit Date tool. Or learn more about your habits and routines with the Smoking Diary. You can also take the Nicotine Addiction Test to see if you'd benefit from the Quitting Product Selection Guide.

Staying quit

If you've quit and doing it tough, explore the Health Tracker and Cravings Tips tool to see how your body is recovering and get tips depending on how many days you've been quit. The Coaching Selection Guide tool can help, too. Adding a good coach to your quit attempt can increase your chance of quitting.

Managing setbacks

If you've slipped up, the Health Tracker and Cravings Tips tool, and the My Reasons tool can give you focus and motivation. Or if you've relapsed, mark a date in the calendar to revisit quitting with the Set a Quit Date tool.