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Strategic plan

Quit has been the principal agency for population-level tobacco control in Victoria for 30 years. We are funded primarily by VicHealth and the Department of Health and Human Services and, as a unit of Cancer Council Victoria, we also draw on Cancer Council resources and expertise. Quit works closely with the Heart Foundation (Victoria), plus other Cancer Councils, Heart Foundation divisions and tobacco control counterparts around Australia and internationally.

Download the Quit Victoria Strategic Plan 2016–2019

Our vision

A tobacco-free Victoria.

Our mission

Quit Victoria will end the tobacco toll by discouraging young people from becoming addicted to nicotine, and supporting all people to become tobacco-free through the collaborative design and implementation of evidence-based policies and programs.

Priority areas and goals

Priority area: Create a tobacco-free environment

Goal 1: People are protected by tobacco smoke in public places and shared personal spaces

Goal 2: Victorians are not subjected to the influences of tobacco product advertising, promotion and sponsorship

Goal 3: Victorians are helped to be tobacco-free through reduced availability and palatability of tobacco products

Goal 4: Social norms and behaviours that support people to be tobacco-free are promoted

Priority area: Prevent new nicotine addictions

Goal 5: No new smokers in Victoria

Goal 6: Non-smokers do not use alternative nicotine delivery systems

Priority area: Support people who smoke to become tobacco-free

Goal 7: All people who smoke are motivated and supported to make quit attempts in order to become tobacco-free

Goal 8: All people who smoke have access to information and tools that help them become and stay tobacco-free

Priority area: Enhance and tailor efforts for priority populations

Goal 9: The declining rates of tobacco use among people with socioeconomic disadvantage decrease even faster

Goal 10: People with mental illness are motivated and supported to become tobacco-free

Goal 11: The health and social costs of tobacco use in the Aboriginal community are reduced further and faster

Goal 12: Prisoners and former prisoners are encouraged and supported to become and stay tobacco-free

Priority area: Lead and facilitate Victoria's efforts to end the tobacco toll

Goal 13: Enable Victorian organisations to motivate and support their clients or constituents to be tobacco-free

Goal 14: Increase support for sustained and vigorous action to create a tobaco-free Victoria

Goal 15: Quit Victoria is the knowledge synthesis and transfer hub for all issues related to tobacco control and nicotine addiction

Goal 16: Quit Victoria is collaborative, high-performing and evidence-based


Real life stories

630 days without smoking

Hi, I had a stroke on March 2013. I used to smoke 40 x day, I was very lucky because I took 2 aspirines and went straight to the hospital. Since then I never smoked again and I feel GREAT. Today...

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