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Can quitting smoking affect me in other ways?


Chemicals in cigarettes change the way some medications work. In some cases, the dose of your medication may have to be changed by your doctor. See your doctor before quitting if you are taking any medication.

Mental illness

Stopping smoking can affect some medications prescribed for mental illnesses, and can sometimes worsen existing mental illness for several months. Although uncommon, stopping smoking can bring on an episode of depression, anxiety or other mental illness in people who have had such illnesses before or who are vulnerable to them. So, if you have suffered from depression, anxiety or other mental illness, ask your doctor's advice before quitting.


Tea, coffee, chocolate and some soft drinks contain caffeine. Without nicotine from cigarettes, your body retains much more of this stimulant, making you feel restless, irritable, anxious and sleepless. Do not drink more cups of coffee or other drinks containing caffeine to distract yourself from cravings for cigarettes.

Eating disorders

People who have eating disorders may be more likely to have an increased appetite and weight gain after they stop smoking. If you suspect you have an eating disorder, visit your doctor or dietician.

Menstrual cycle

Women may have worse withdrawal symptoms just before and during their period. Nicotine patches appear to help reduce craving for nicotine, period pain and water retention.

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