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How well does the nicotine lozenge work?

People who use the nicotine lozenge are twice as likely to quit and stay stopped.

When using the lozenge you take in less nicotine at a much slower rate than when smoking. This makes it less addictive and easier to stop using than cigarettes. However, it will be several minutes slower at easing cravings than a cigarette. The mini lozenge dissolves faster (10 to 13 minutes) than the lozenge (about 20 to 30 minutes). Over a day, lozenge and mini lozenge users typically absorb somewhat more nicotine than from similar doses of nicotine gum; that is, over one-third (2mg lozenge or 1.5mg mini lozenge) or over two-thirds (4mg lozenge and mini lozenge) of the dose of nicotine that they would get from smoking a pack of cigarettes per day.

The 4mg nicotine lozenge also appears to reduce weight gain that may occur after quitting, but doesn't have a lasting effect beyond its use.