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What do I do if I start smoking again despite using nicotine gum?

If you slip-up and have a puff or a cigarette, don’t let it lead you back to full-time smoking. It is safe to keep using the gum and re-commit to stopping smoking. Think of your reasons for quitting and what you have achieved so far. Talk to you doctor, pharmacist or call the Quitline if you want to discuss your smoking.

The purpose of the gum is to help you quit completely. If you are using the gum and occasionally smoking for more than three months, or you are smoking at more than half your previous level, you should talk to your doctor or the Quitline.

It is common for smokers to attempt to quit a number of times before successfully staying stopped, even when using the gum or other nicotine replacement products. For many people, re-adjusting to living without cigarettes is a learning process. It may take a while to figure out alternatives to cigarettes in certain situations. The purpose of the gum is to ease nicotine withdrawal symptoms while you deal with other aspects of quitting smoking.

If you have found the nicotine gum useful in quitting smoking, but have taken up smoking again, you should consider using the gum or another nicotine replacement product when you quit again.

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