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Buying the gum: which strength?

Where can I buy the gum?

You can buy nicotine gum without prescription from pharmacies and most supermarkets. There are two different strengths of gum, 2mg and 4mg. There are also different flavours and various pack sizes. The recommended retail prices, as at August 2012, range from $13.60 for a pack of 24 pieces to about $73 for a pack of 144 pieces of gum. Pharmacy and supermarket prices can be a few dollars higher or lower.

Which strength of gum should I use?

Your pharmacist or doctor will advise you which gum strength is suitable for you. If you smoke less than 20 cigarettes a day, the product information recommends the 2mg gum. The 4mg gum is recommended if you smoke over 20 cigarettes per day, or if you have not been able to quit using 2mg gum. Some research suggests that if you usually smoke within 30 minutes of waking, the 4mg gum may work better for you than the 2mg gum.