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Buying Champix

In Australia, Champix (vareniclineis available only on prescription. It is approved by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) for people who take part in a  support and counselling program, such as that provided by the Quitline. Your doctor will issue you a prescription for 53 tablets on your first visit, and then, on your second visit, a final prescription for 112 tablets. Together, these two prescriptions will last 12 weeks. If you successfully quit during this 12 weeks of treatment, you may buy a further 12 weeks of tablets on the PBS if you wish. Overall, you can buy up to 24 weeks of tablets per year on the PBS. In 2012, general patients pay $35.40 (PBS price) for each prescription and concession holders pay $5.80. You can buy it on a private prescription, but it costs over $300 for a 12 week course.

After buying your first packet of tablets, you will need to have a second appointment with your doctor within four weeks of starting treatment, before your first packet runs out.

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