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What do I do if I start smoking again despite using Zyban?

If you slip-up and have a puff or a cigarette, don’t let it lead you back to full-time smoking. Keep using bupropion and re-commit to stopping smoking. Think of your reasons for quitting and what you have achieved so far. Talk to you doctor, pharmacist or call the Quitline if you want to discuss your smoking.

It is common for smokers to attempt to quit a number of times before successfully staying stopped. For many people re-adjusting to living without cigarettes is a learning process.  It may take a while to figure out alternatives to cigarettes in certain situations.

Why may I still have cravings when using Zyban?

Cravings (the urge or desire to smoke) can be due to nicotine withdrawal. However, you may also have an urge or desire to smoke when you are in situations where you are used to smoking.

Certain things may trigger cravings, such as:

Quitting medications work best when you also reduce your triggers for cravings. You need to understand why you smoke in order to plan how to cope in these situations. People most successful at resisting urges to smoke use a range of coping strategies to help them. Making your home smokefree and getting rid of cigarettes in your home and car are helpful strategies. Information, advice and support is available for the cost of a local call from the Quitline.